Churchill Leather 3 Seater Sofa Tan

  • $ 5,999.00
  • $ 5,999.00
Platinum Collection

This Churchill sofa is available in a Tan & Espresso colour. 

The epitome of extreme opulence and luxury. The Chesterfield sofa has always been an all time classic and we have re-invented it with the future classic Churchill sofa.

Upholstered in a very high quality fully imported Italian Vintage aniline leather that is soft to the touch, yet thick and robust. 
Aniline is a choice of the highest quality. It is the most natural and soft of all leather types as only the best raw hides can be used. Aniline leather is the most natural, most beautiful leather with an ultra soft handle

Rugged and robust with the fashionably distressed appearance of an Old West saddlebag or an Old World club chair, this leather’s name says it all. Vintage is a chic and versatile article, natural and rustic, with a smooth hand and an assertive two-tone coloration. The two-tone is created by extensive milling, which also adds softness. Vintage is ironed for smoothness. All the natural hallmarks of the trail will be visible, a guarantee of authenticity and it's natural hallmarks. These are not defects but rather characteristics which validate the authenticity and originality of genuine leather. 

231 x 110 x 74