Furniture trends of 2023

The hottest living room furniture trends for the coming year celebrate curvier, rounder shapes, comfort, colour and international glamour. 

2022 has been a boundary-pushing year for furniture design, and by looking at the trends, 2023 is going to continue in the same vein.

“We are seeing rounder, softer shapes, soothing cocooning pieces that more than ever, are aimed at making a home an inviting sanctuary.” 

Here are the top trends influencing the design of living room furniture:

Curved furniture is making a big comeback.

Feel-good furniture that is padded, with downy fillings for maximum comfort is, above all, what people are looking for.

The focus is on nurture and restoration, and the shapes, reminiscent of bubbles, nests, clouds and balloons, help feed the creative imagination, maximising the ability to relax and connect with the new generation’s quest for "cocoonection". 

The notable “grey is the new black” trend is still riding the wave of popularity and will stay trendy for some time to come. 

However, there will be a few new tweaks going forward.

Darker tones, such a liquorice for example, are really gaining momentum. This tone is almost black, and it is being used to great effect as a small accent colour alongside plenty of white and cream – creating a monochromatic look that is strong, but in a calm and gentle manner.

More than ever, design is moving away from commercialism and the desire to live in a hotel-like settings.

Today, there is a drive towards rooms that speak of the characters of their owners. With the rise of social media, we are all putting our homes on show more than ever before, and as our private spaces become more public, so they are also becoming more personal, and a better representation of who we want to be. This is having a big impact on furniture design, as there is a much greater drive for customisation, and the need for furniture to help tell your story.