Hand made furniture by traditional artisans vs. high tech machines

Whilst so much of todays furniture, chairs and decor pieces are made by high tech machines, some people out there are still making furniture the way it was generations ago. Tradition in furniture manufacturing goes back a long, long way. The Italians are masters at traditional furniture making and this skill and art form has been passed down for father to son over many, many years. The Indian furniture market is also very similar, traditional artisans who take proud in every piece of furniture they produce. Its a skill and art that no machine can replicate. The human soul has spirit, the machine doesn't and thats the big difference  

"In todays age, its certainly a combination of machines and humans" says Phillip Glick of Future Classics Furniture in Sydney, Australia. "The human eye and emotion of a human can not be replaced, so yes! we will still for many years the human touch and feel in furniture making. He elaborates "We have a hand made range of furniture from India which has a particular look and feel, no machine can replicate this, its so easy to see the difference"

So its seems that the age old tradition in furniture manufacturing still has a long way to go

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