Some furniture inspiration from leading interior designer at Highpoint 2018

Style Spotters Spring 2018 Preview

Our design stars pick the emerging trends of the new season

Organic textures and natural colors soften clean-lined contemporary forms. A renaissance of traditional shapes and classic structures is starting to emerge. Sculptural elements add a new and exclusive layer of sophistication. Taken together, the shapes, styles, and textures of Spring 2018 bring a calming, comforting, clutter-free feeling to the home


Curved furniture is a predominant design trend that has recently emerged from Europe and is making its way to the rest of the world. Harkening back to mid-century modern furniture and design history, while also feeling entirely fashion forward, it is also an indicator of a strong economy, as the pieces require greater skill and craftsmanship to execute flawlessly. The rounded silhouettes do a beautiful job of bridging the masculine and feminine through clean minimalism and organic shapes. Expect to see more of this trend in the year ahead; not only in furnishings, but also in art, lighting and accessories.


Comfortable, geometric shapes constructed using organic materials form statement pieces that express a softer, more comfortable side of modern style. Slatted wood, beautifully sculpted crystals, and luxurious leather upholstery can be seen in each of these noteworthy pieces, adding to an overall inviting, lived-in look that each piece embodies. Most notably, the introduction of warm, natural finishes helps elevate a notoriously minimal, and at times sterile or unapproachable, modern style to something a bit more laid-back and welcoming.