Our Arches 2.7 metre dining table - ideal for many guests

Introducing the Arches 2700 Rectangular Dining Table - the ultimate solution for your dining needs! We understand the importance of having a stylish yet functional dining table that can comfortably accommodate a large number of guests, and that's exactly what the Arches 2700 dining table offers.

Let's talk about the bases first, as they are the standout feature of this incredible dining table. Not only are they a sight to behold, adding an element of elegance and sophistication to any dining space, but they also serve a crucial purpose.

Unlike traditional tables with legs at the ends or edges, the Arches 2700 provides an unobstructed space underneath, allowing chairs to move around more freely. This means your guests can easily slide in and out, ensuring everyone feels comfortable and relaxed throughout the meal.

With its generous dimensions of 2.7 meters in length and 1.2 meters in width, the Arches 270cm dining table is tailor-made for accommodating 10 to 12 guests without any compromises. (depending on chair size) Gone are the days of having to squeeze in chairs or feeling cramped during gatherings. The table's width even allows for four chairs to be placed at the ends, two on each side, creating an inviting and inclusive setup for everyone seated.

Moreover, the Arches 2700 dining table doesn't just stop at 12 guests - depending on the size and width of the chairs, it can accommodate up to 14 chairs with ease. Imagine the joy of hosting a large family gathering or entertaining friends without any worries about space constraints. The Arches 2700 table ensures that every guest feels welcome and valued, enhancing the overall dining experience.

Beyond its practical benefits, this table is a work of art, a centerpiece that elevates the aesthetic appeal of any dining area. Crafted with attention to detail and using premium materials, the Arches 2700 dining table adds a touch of luxury to your home. Whether it's for formal dinners, celebrations, or simply everyday use, this table blends seamlessly with any interior decor and leaves a lasting impression on anyone who sits around it.

In conclusion, the Arches 2.7 metre Rectangular Dining Table is the epitome of style, functionality, and space optimisation.

With its eye-catching bases and well-thought-out design, it allows for seamless movement of chairs and comfortably seats 10 to 12 guests, with the potential to accommodate even more if needed. (depending on chair size of course) 

Say goodbye to cramped dining room experiences and welcome a new era of elegance and comfort. Elevate your dining room area today with the Arches 2700 dining table - the ideal choice for gatherings both big and small.