Future Classics Furniture was established with a burning desire to offer beautifully hand-crafted furniture at fair value to retailers, decorators, property stylists and to people who appreciate and cherish bespoke pieces that tell a story, has a history and certainly a future.

When timeless quality is combined with the latest technology, you experience a blend of the past, the present and the future, the best of yesterday, the needs of today, and the innovations of tomorrow….

This is the inspiration behind our furniture, and it is the spark of creativity that drives us every day.

Our business is driven by the love and passion we have developed for furniture over the past 30 years.
Yes! And we’re still happy to go to work every day because we know that what we create makes its way into your precious home, becomes a part of your life, and will remain there for years to come.

What customers love about our products is that, in some collections, no two pieces are alike. That means that your Future Classics selection is going to be completely authentic and unique, individually handcrafted by traditional artisans who love what they do.
These are our exclusive limited editions!

Our handmade furniture collection stands the test of time, so it is good for the environment in the long term. 

We are organic, earthy, and naturally modern. Each piece of furniture has a story to
tell, and the designs bespeak of a time where all goods were meant to last.

Our Sofa & Occasional chair collection has been tailor-made with an emphasis on quality, comfort and design. Using fine quality fabrics combined with the finest raw materials. No expense has been spared so as to ensure a quality product that will last long into the future, ensuring years of sheer comfort & absolute pleasure.   

When you acquire a Future Classics creation you can be rest assured of long lasting
quality and a design that will become a classic in the future……
unless, of course, it already is?


Our commitment to the environment extends to the world’s forests.
That’s why we take the sourcing of our factories timbers seriously. All our timber is
responsibly sourced and monitored for traceability via a Chain of Custody to ensure
that it complies with Social Responsibility plantations and forests statutory

The best way to respect our environment and conserve natural resources is to be
creative and responsible. Creating the highest quality furniture from the most eco-
friendly materials ensures that we’re making quality pieces that are going to last for
generations and at the same time preserving our environment so as to ensure our
children have a future enjoying the best our beautiful planet has to offer .
This is furniture that you will want to hand down to your children and grandchildren.

Looking to the future, with our past in mind