Wabi Sabi - beauty in imperfection!

Wabisabi – The art of finding beauty in imperfection We thank you for purchasing a Future Classics product and trust this will bring you many years of enjoyment.

Because this is a hand made Indian product, we must notify you that what may seem like imperfections is in fact a trade mark of its authenticity and originality. No two pieces are alike as these items are limited editions and hand made by traditional artisans.

Each piece of marble, metal and wood differs as these are not man made but natural earthly gifts we should treasure& appreciate.

Markings on marble, metal or wood is what provides personality and individuality to each piece. Colour variations may also occur as these items are not machine sprayed but rather hand painted. Cracks, dents and blemishes are standard and we encourage you to see the beauty in its imperfection.

Enjoy your purchase.